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We help you migrate from old legacy code to real-time performance for your Vision Applications

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cuvi library

Code performance analysis

We don't charge for the assessment of your current system to suggest how to achieve real time performance using our expertise in GPU porting and code optimization.

GPU porting with CUDA/OpenCL

We are the go-to guys for anything GPUs because we love what we do. With our deep knowledge and hands-on experience porting and optimizing complex software to GPUs, our engineers have delivered accelerated code to numerous clients coming from varying computational backgrounds.

CUDA/OpenCL kernel optimization

Even if you have in-house GPU programmers, chances are the code they wrote is still painfully slow and far from realtime. We at TunaCode, with our code optimization knowledge, review and accelerate your existing GPU code up to 10X.

GPU product development

Through CUVILib, we are already serving thousands of users with accelerated imaging functionality. When you choose us to help you build a GPU accelerated product, you get NVIDIA certified CUDA developers and expert OpenCL developers at your disposal and the best part is our competitive pricing.