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TunaCode delivers accelerated computing solutions using state-of-the-art Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), APUs and CPUs. We specialize in developing high performance video/image processing applications, code optimization and GPU porting services and HPC services. You can count on us to extract optimal performance out of your code

CUVI logoCUVI provides plug-and-play acceleration for video and image processing applications in Medical, Industrial, Entertainment and Defense domains. It’s cross-platform and cross-GPU support makes it ideal to quickly build Imaging applications.

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gKrypt logogKrypt provides hardware accelerated encryption, hashing and compression functionality. It supports a wide range of processors from multicore CPUs to manycore GPUs by NVIDIA, AMD and Intel. Getting started is simple. 

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What do we provide?
  • Code performance analysis
  • GPU porting with CUDA/OpenCL
  • CUDA/OpenCL kernel optimization
  • GPU product development
  • General algorithm development
GPGPU training 

Learn to code CUDA, OpenCL and C++ AMP with our expert GPU engineers (not trained trainers)

  • 2 and 3 day CUDA and OpenCL workshops
  • Hands-on GPGPU development


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