CUVILib - Vision and Imaging SDK

CUVI library is helping thousands of users around the world with their imaging/vision needs. The SDK has become so powerful and mature over the time that for most of the users it's just plug-n-play; our modules fit right into your code without any effort.

We helped users from variety of domains ranging from super-fast, world class demosaic for camera manufactuers, re-coloring and restroring of old films for various studios, undersea image enancement for divers, enthusiastics and drilling companies and so on. See live demo of more CUVI capabablilities.

IMGX - Deep learning API for visual content recognition & processing

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IMGX aims to unlock the value of your visual data. We offer advanced image and video procesing APIs on the Cloud which can be easily integrated into your mobile or web app. With our URL API, you can process and serve millions of images in realtime. With our image and video tagging API, you can start asking questions about your visual content.

Creating a better way to organize and search your photo albums? The ability to search how many of your photos have a dog in them? a car? people? or analyzing photos of your Instagram followers? IMGX Tagging API enables you to do this and more!

IMGX URL API lets you edit images (scaling, cropping, watermarking etc) and serve them on the fly right within the <img> tag without the need to install any 3rd party tools or maintain Imaging infrastructure.

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Users drive Our Products

At TunaCode, we only work on products with real world needs and real users. Our products, with production level coding, eventually land into the hands of end-users.

We started with offering our vision and imaging expertise to software companies. Today, our product CUVI is used of-the-shelf by companies with their own dedicated hardware/boxes and IMGX is used by startups that are hungry for web-based imaging solutions.

Apart from above, we have many in-house product ideas conceived in partnership with various clients which may spin off as a standalone service for the mass markets in near future. In coming years, we plan to launch a lot of other products by inventing and investing into ideas for modern paltforms.