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Professional GPU Training Services

With extensive experience porting and optimizing complex algorithms to GPUs, TunaCode offers training services for CUDA and OpenCL. Since 2010, TunaCode has been delivering GPU accelerated solutions to Medical/Defense/Industrial Imaging, Big data processing – compression and encryption. This is in addition to consulting a variety of clients coming from varying computing backgrounds. Therefore, when you sign up for one of our CUDA/OpenCL workshop, you get hands-on experience on writing highly optimized GPU code.

There are 2 tracks (CUDA and OpenCL) and 1,2 and 3 day workshops. 1-day workshop is ideal for a jumpstart on GPU programming, going from little to no GPU programming level to a level where you can start porting your algorithms to GPUs. Similarly, 2-day workshop will equip you with going from basic level to fine-tuning your GPU code and an introduction on multi-GPU programming. 3-day workshop is for those, who, after getting hands-on for the first 2 days, want to dive deeper into advanced optimization techniques, GPU debugging and hands-on with our very own CUVILibImaging library.

CUDA Course Layout

Day 1

  • GPU Computing overview
  • GPU Architecture
  • The CUDA Programming model
  • Simple CUDA kernels
  • CUDA Memory Model
  • Shared, Texture and Constant Memory

Day 2

  • Optimization Techniques
  • Optimizing matrix multiplication
  • CUDA Streams
  • Hands-on: CUDA Streams
  • Introduction to multi-GPU
  • Hands-on: multi-GPU example

Day 3

  • Hands-on: Memory Performance Optimizations
  • Hands-on: Performance Measurement Tools and Techniques
  • Hands-on: GPU Debugging4. Lecture: CUDA Libraries
  • Hands-on: CUVILib for Imaging
  • Lecture: Algorithm of your choice

OpenCL Course Layout

Coming soon.

Intended Audience

In order to get maximum benefit out of the workshop, you should have at least one-year hands-on experience writing C/C++ code. Since GPUs are revolutionizing computational science & engineering, we welcome attendees from varying science/engineering backgrounds.

Cost & Schedule

Workshop is offered in our premises but we also entertain requests for on-site training. Travel & lodging expenses will be additional. For booking:

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