We engineer Scalable, Robust, Flexible, Secure products!

Tap into our experience delivering world-class solutions to startups and big companies around the globe.


From building quick and functional webapp prototype on modern stacks to building, deploying and on-going development of your web application, our expertise across all levels of the stack will come in handy.


We understand what it takes to build clean, scalable and maintainable RESTful APIs serving tens of millions of requests daily for any sort of data consumption, be it structured, audio or visual. We have done it many times over for several clients.


Deploying on the Cloud is easy, on-going management is not. Let us help you set up and operate your devops pipeline, starting from CI/CD stack to orchestrating and maintaining containers on the Cloud.


Accelerated computing is where we were born. We can help you analyze your slow C/C++ code and help accelerate it by porting or writing from scratch with Nvidia CUDA, OpenCL or AMP++. Let us help you analyze legacy code and port to GPGPU for massively parallel processing or optimize already-parallel code for further performance.